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Weighted Shoulder Lap Snake

Meet “Noodles” your weighted, twisty, bendy, tactile friendly Snake Buddy who will sit comfortably on your shoulders or lap, leaving you hands free to concentrate and stay on task.

Perfect for busy minds, who require deep pressure touch for proprioceptive and vestibular senses management, as part of a sensory diet. This can make a difference to a child or young adult’s ability to concentrate, focus and balance.

Proprioception, or position sense is fundamental to our functioning that most of us take it’s existence for granted. Proprioception allows us to control our limbs without directly looking at them.

Vestibular sense provides the brain with information about movement and balance, as well as space and gravity.

The vestibular system sorts out body speed and direction and tells the individual if they or something around them is moving left or right, if something is horizontal or vertical and what’s upside down.

Can help promote calmness by reducing anxiety and ease transition between activities. Hand crafted with the highest quality non toxic materials

Weight 1500g Length 140cm


Additional Information

Additional information


Weight: 1500g , Length: 140cm

Meet “Noodles” your weighted, twisty, bendy, tactile friendly Snake Buddy.

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