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These are some of the most common questions we get asked? If you have any questions or concerns which are not covered in this area please contact one of our associates who would be happy to answer any other questions.

We are unique in the marketplace in that we offer a full turn-key sensory room packages tailored to suit your needs.
With over 25 years dealing with educational organisations, we have the experience and know how to get projects successfully over the line. Continued emphasis on face to face interactions with our customers who are our primary focus ensures top quality service.

We provide a wide range of beneficial guaranteed products required to create an innovative and calming learning environment.
We strive to ensure each and every customer is happy with our products in creating your ideal multi- sensory room.

Naturally, problems can arise such as damages during transit. Please contact us through our office or mobile number, Email or any of our social media channels whereby we have a quick response guarantee to reply within 1 / 2 working days.
All our products have quality guarantees and if problems do arise, please refer to our returns policies where we offer hassle free return options

We offer a nationwide delivery and installation service. Most products can be delivered through our dedicated courier service without the need for any installation. However, on larger contracts, we use our own transport to ensure guaranteed delivery on time.

Value-Added Tax (VAT), charged and paid within the Republic of Ireland, may be reclaimed on certain aids and appliances for use by persons with disabilities.The relief applies to VAT on the purchase of goods which are aids and appliances designed to assist a person with disabilities to overcome his or her disability in the performance of daily functions or in the exercise of a vocation.The relief is not allowed on services or on the rental of goods.

Learn about senses

The five senses interact with the brain to help us understand and perceive our world. A minimum of one individual may encounter difficulties with any one or several of these senses, which may leave them unable to receive and lay information at usually equivalent. Our sensory room and products are designed to suit the needs of all, as they can compensate for an assortment of physical conditions.

  • Sight – Sight is our visual perception. It is how our brains process, interpret, and make sense of what we see. It is our abilities to focus and detect images. We supply many products that can enhance or subdue this sense.
  • Sound – You can communicate with others by hearing sounds. Your brain processes these noises and can determine where they are coming from. Good products exist that effectively stimulate this function.
  • Smell – Smell is closely linked to parts of the brain that process emotion and memory; odours can also alert people to potential hazards and affect taste. We sell lots of products that are best suited to activate or calm this particular sense.
  • Taste – Food and drink molecules bind with our taste buds, sending signals to the brain which can help us process flavours: salty, bitter, umami, sweet and sour tasting food.
    Unfortunately we don’t currently stock any products that appropriately address this sense, but our buying team is actively looking for products to help with the sense of taste.
  • Touch – Pressure, temperature, light touch, vibration, and other sensations are all part of the touch sense and are each attributed to different receptors in the peripheral nervous system. We have many different products that are well suited to trigger or calm this sense.
  • Balance – Located in the inner ear, the vestibular system helps balance out your spatial orientation and movement by providing information about body and head motions. This information can be used to regulate motor skills and concentration levels, which in turn can have an effect on vision, hearing, and balance.
  • Body Awareness – Perceptual processing by sensory receptors enables you to know where your body is even when you can’t see it. Knowing your body’s location allows automatic adjustments to take place in a number of circumstances, including when sitting or walking across uneven surfaces.

Individuals who are less sensitive to stimulation have a higher threshold and are better able to process higher amounts of detail and stimulation.

Sensory avoiders are those who are sensitive to certain stimuli. In specific instances, this can become an overwhelming situation for them.

We use the term activating to describe the goal of a product to stimulate a specific sense. While developing refers to a product intended to improve a person’s ability to manage their behavior in reaction to external stimuli.

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