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Sensory PopUp Space Den

A calming, safe sensory space for children to relax, unwind or explore.This lightweight pop-up area can be used anywhere, takes seconds to erect and quickly folds down. Perfect as a relaxing, quiet or calm zone, away from noise and distractions for children to chill out. Alternatively use with lighted objects and UV equipment for sensory exploration.

The dark den is designed to provide a safe place or cool down spot for children who become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. It offers a quieter , dark, enclosed space for the child to relax and have time to regulate their sensory system.

With hook and loop fastener tape in each corner to hang things for added stimulation. Provides a safe and enclosed space with a window on the side for observation or tie up the front flap for an open doorway. Easily accessible by wheelchair users due to its wide entry and flush to the floor frame. A removable barrier is provided to make the space more versatile as a ball pool, simply attach to the front of the doorway to the hook and loop fasteners on each end. A perfect budget solution to a sensory room.

Requires two adults and will take approximately five minutes to assemble.

Dimensions: 1420mm Wide * 1420mm High


Additional Information

Additional information


1420mm Wide * 1420mm High

A calming, safe dark sensory space for children to relax, unwind or explore.

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