Sensory Round Floor Tile

A wonderful visual and tactile light up experience that really will encourage you to get up and move. The light will stop on a specific colour when the child removes their foot from the tile.

Using synchronised control method to achieve the highest resolution with 2 different interactive circular light up parts. The tile body is a sophisticated piece and an excellent sensory resource.

  • Perfect 3D effects, touch sensitive,
  • Fast response time
  • Brightness can be changed to various strengths
  • Energy saving and environmentally friendly
  • Installation is simple, convenient and fast.
  • High-strength chassis and ABS material used in the base
  • Extra durable panel IP55 Waterproof grade
  • Interactive dance floor tile Lights change according to touch & pressure
  • High-strength & extra durable panel

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Additional Information

Additional information

Sensory interactive floor tile is a wonderful visual and tactile light up experience