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Laser Stars Projector

Version 2 now has a 2 hour sleep function to help preserve the lifetime of the green laser. Also, the blue nebula effect can be used independently of the green laser. It’s not often that a product so outweighs our expectations that we all fall off our chairs and weep at the sheer wonder of it, but The Laser Stars projector is surely one of those products.

Turn off the lights, switch on your Laser Stars projector and instantly your room will be transformed into a virtual planetarium. It’s as if your ceiling has been whipped away to reveal the vast reaches of the cosmos.

Myriad stars drift gently across the night sky, interspersed with hauntingly beautiful blue nebulae (which you can turn on and off!), there’s even the odd shooting star that will dash across your instant night sky – you’ll lie there transfixed, possibly for days.

The Laser Stars will fill any dark space (and very big ones at that) with a super sharp spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations.

Created from powerful green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. Your instant view of the universe seems even more real thanks to the variable brightness of the stars that give it tremendous depth.

You can adjust the brightness of the blue nebulae to suit your mood, and then just lie back and drift away. Whether you’re chilling out, dozing off, keeping the baby mesmerised, or having a party, the Laser Stars projector will undoubtedly be your ‘Buy of the Year’.

Bring the wonder and beauty of the universe into your own home with Laser Stars, it’s truly one of the most amazing home light shows you’ll see anywhere

Dimensions: 28 x 24 x 21cm

Additional Information

Additional information


280mm x 240mm x 210mm

New and improved….laser Stars is even better than before.

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