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Firefly Scoot 4-In-1

Scoot’s 4-in-1 design means 4 times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfill potential.

And because it’s more affordable than other mobility devices, your investment goes a lot further.

1 Crawl

Crawl allows kids to move and explore on their tummy, helping to strengthen upper body and tummy muscles as they lift their heads and shoulders.

2 Scoot

Scoot lets kids sit upright to move around using their feet. Supported by a lap belt and backrest, the child’s trunk and pelvis are encouraged to stabilise, freeing up their hands to lift and handle objects, play with family and explore their surroundings.

3: Ride

Ride lets kids propel themselves around the floor by manoeuvring the wheels. Having fun in this function can also build upper body strength, whilst exploration and participation can improve spatial awareness as well as cognitive, sensory and communication abilities.

4: Poosh

A detachable push handle which now provides parents or therapists the opportunity to push their children around the home, therapy room, school or outdoors.

When seated in the Scooot and an adult is pushing and the wheels are moving, it may encourage children to push and propel themselves, therefore increasing their independence and upper body strength.

Now with a higher backrest than before, which is also adjustable:

the advanced backrest cushion is now height adjustable. The lateral can be raised higher or lowered depending on the height and size of the child. The advanced backrest cushion will offer a ‘supportive hug’ around the child’s trunk.

The optional backrest attaches to the Scooot for greater comfort.







Additional Information

Additional information

Scoot’s 4-in-1 design means 4 times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfill potential.

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