Climbing Sensory Wall

This tall wooden climbing wall is great for developing balance, spatial orientation and motor skills.

This climbing sensory wall features:

  • 24 different climbing holds.
  • Dimensions: 1200mm Wide * 2500mm High
  • Hook where rope can be attached to ensure safety
  • Fall Zone: 6 feet

This tall Wooden Climbing Sensory Wall is another essential tool in Sensory Integration Therapy. This climbing wall keeps focus on training balance, spatial orientation and motor skill. This is quite an important part of any Sensory Diet. A very capable tool for helping children suffering from sensory processing disorder or autism overcome their fears of falling and heights. The wall has 24 different climbing holds and a hook where a rope can be attached in order to ensure safe climbing.


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Additional Information

Additional information


Height: 2500mm


Width: 1200mm

Great for developing balance, spatial orientation and motor skills.

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