Climbing Board

  • Ideal for beginners, pre-schools and special needs education
  • Climbing moves can be performed and practiced in a variety of ways
  • Use fundamental movements such as agility, balance and co-ordination
  • Attractive design encourages participation in physical activity


  • Ideal way to introduce children to climbing safely
  • No special knowledge or skills required by supervisors
  • Ideal for installation on walls and fences
  • Made from recycled plastic


Boards are installed at an overall height of 1,650mm from ground. A distance of 600mm between top and bottom boards ensures boards are fixed below the critical fall height. Total Sensory’s installation team are available if required and boards can be fixed onto suitable walls and fencing.

Dimensions: 1200mm long * 400mm High

Additional Information

Additional information


1200mm long * 400mm High

Climbing Boards are ideal for beginners, pre-schools and special needs education.

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