Weighted Blankets

A super plush weighted blanket providing all the sensory input you could need. Pick the size, colour and weight you need based on your requirements then lay back and enjoy.

However, they offer much more than just a hug. Studies have shown that using a weighted blanket increases the level of serotonin and melatonin as well as reduces cortisol. Also, weighted blankets contribute to the improvement of your mood by helping you to achieve a restful sleep throughout the night. May also be used as part of a sensory room or environment.

To be used under supervision.

Available in the following dimensions and weights:


Dimensions: 900mm * 1000mm = 3KG Weight

Dimensions: 1000mm * 1500mm = 4KG Weight

Dimensions: 1500mm * 2000mm = 5KG Weight

Additional Information

Additional information


1000mm * 1500mm = 4KG Weight, 1500mm * 2000mm = 5KG Weight, 900mm * 1000mm = 3KG Weight

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