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Wak-a-Tubes 30 Player Classroom Pack

Wak-a-Tubes are brightly coloured percussion instruments made from different lengths of plastic tubing. They’re fun and easy for musicians of all ages to play, a simple and inexpensive introduction to music making. They can be played in a wide variety of ways to create a range of different pitched sounds.

Additional Information

Additional information


"Get the whole class playing together with this school pack. Full contents are as follows:
3x C40
1x C#(Db)41
3x D42
1x D#(Eb)43
2x E44
2x F45
2x F#(Gb)46
3x G47
1x G#(Ab)48
3x A49
2x A#(Bb)50
2x B51
2x C52
1x PP1188 Lollipop drum & beater
2x PP985 Wooden jingle sticks
1x Carry case"

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