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Total Connect Sensory Starter Plus Set

Build your interactive sensory room using Total Connect Sensory range where every piece of equipment in your space will work insync with each other.

This set includes the following:

  • -1.8m Bubble Tube
  • -15cm Bubble Tube Wall Bracket
  • -Fibre optics 100 tails x 2m with Lightsource
  • -8-button Oval Controller –
  • Colour Wash Wall
  • Light Cube Controller

The Total Connect Sensory Ranges improve the development of cognitive thought and social skills, offering people the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. It can open up a whole new world for individuals.

An interactive environment generates a relaxing and calming effect and also can provide new ways of encouraging learning, motor development, cognitive development, language and social interaction skills.

The Total Connect Oval controller also gives even more control of your items so you can adjust the space to meet the needs of the user. The controller is wireless and come with a charger. It enables you to:

  • Control the brightness
  • Start and stop bubbles
  • Passive Mode – Automatically flows through colours or stays at a chosen colour
  • Colour Mix – Choose which colour you want the room or piece of equipment to change to
  • Sound Reactive – Interact with your equipment through sound

Additional Information

Additional information


Bubble Tube Height:1800mm


Fibre Optic Tail: 2000mm

Build your interactive sensory room using Total Connect Sensory range.

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