Total Connect Bubble Wall

  • Ideal panel for compact spaces where bubble tubes are inconvenient. Slim panel design.
  • Colour changing bright LED lights illuminate the rising bubbles. Change the colour remotely with the Connect Pro controller. Or, change colour on the panel itself using the colour changing button
  • Press a button to turn the bubbles on and off – great for teaching cause and effect
  • 10 white noise sounds included to aid relaxation
  • 3 LED light patterns
  • Sound reactive – use the external microphone (included) to control the colour, bubbles or both! Blow into the mic to “blow bubbles”!
  • Unique quiet mode – in this mode, be sure to keep quiet otherwise the panel will “know”, stop making bubbles and dim its lights!

Button 1 (LHS) = Colour. Press to change colour of the LED’s

Button 2  Bubbles On/Off (overridden in sound modes 3,4,5)

Button 3   Music. There are 10 soundtracks. The 11th soundtrack is silent, so to turn the music off, skip until you reach silence.

Button 4  LED Pattern. Pattern 1 = solid colour, Pattern 2 and 3 are travelling LED patterns

Modes (selected using the LCD screen on the controller)

Mode 1 – Normal Mode

Mode 2 – Use external Mic to control colour

Mode 3 – Use external Mic to control Pump

Mode 4 – Use external Mic to control colour + pump 

Mode 5 – Use external mic and when there is noise the pump stops and the lights



Additional Information

Additional information

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