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Mohdoh Calm

Mohdoh Calm Mouldable Aromatherapy – Mohdoh is an aid for helping with everyday ailments from insomnia, travel sickness, worry and anxiety to colds and flu, lack of focus, hyperactivity, headaches and tension. It is available in breathe, calm, headeez, sleep, think, travel and unwind. The synergistic effects of touch and smell help to treat a number of stress related complaints and the squidgy, putty like, tactile nature of the dough has in itself a soothing, calming effect.

Calm is a powerful remedy that combines the proven elements; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy to create an extremely effective yet fun way of helping to relax and unwind those minds and bodies that are constantly on the go.

How it works! As the Calm dough is moulded the carefully selected essential oils are vaporized and inhaled providing fast and effective calming relief from the stresses and strains of life. At the same time the specially selected colour of Calm helps to soothe and relax tired minds. These unique, therapeutic elements combine to form a powerful, holistic therapy that really works. Calm is 100% non-toxic, fully complies with EN71 safety legislation and uses only the purest natural essential oils.

Mohdoh MUST be kept in the air tight container provided at all times when not in use and stored in a cool, dark place. The dough will dry and the aroma of the oils will fade after approximately three months – More frequent use will reduce life of product. Partially dried dough can be refreshed by warming in microwave for a few seconds ONLY. Those who are pregnant or suffer from epilepsy should seek medical advice before using.

Additional Information

Additional information

Mohdoh is an aid for helping with everyday ailments.

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