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Liquid Floor Tiles Hopscotch

A wonderful visual and tactile experience that really will encourage children to move around and explore the surfaces and teach children the numbers 1-10.

They are ideal for use in sensory rooms environments as each tile is filled with bright liquid gel, creating ever changing shapes encourage visual stimulation as well as movement and touch. These liquid tiles with numbers will withstand jumping on and strenuous use by children and adults as well as the weight of wheelchairs.

These Sensory Gel Tiles can also be used on a table top of any flat surface – the non-slip soft cushioned backs grip onto smoother surfaces for stability. Simply apply a little pressure to create a dramatic visual effect.

Dimension of each tile: 40mm * 40mm

Additional Information

Additional information


40mm * 40mm

Screen printed with brightly coloured numbers, ideal for a variety of games and learning numbers.

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