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Sensory Premium Set

Get your Sensory Room off to an incredible start with everything you need to compelete it to the highest standard.

Place the mirrors against a wall above the bubble tube plinth containing the bubble tube, this will give the illusion of making the lights go further and the bubbles more exciting.

Place the laser twilight on a shelf out of reach of children and point towards a far away wall or ceiling to give an incredible starry night effect.

The DIY LED tape can be taped around the mirrors or the base of the plinth to give depth and excitement to the items.

The fibre optics feed through a mousehole in the plinth ensuring electronics stay safe from little hands.

Set includes the following items:

  • Giant bubble tube and bracket bundle
  • 100 x 2m Fibre Optic Colour Changing Sidesparkle Tails and LED Lightsource* with remote
  • 5m LED light tape
  • Sensory Mood Ball Light 40cm
  • Plinth for Bubble Tube
  • Pack 4 floor liquid floor tiles
  • Plastic Rectangular Safety Mirror Pack of 2*
  • Laser Twilight*
  • Sensory touch tags bean bag floor cushion*
  • Disco dome speaker
  • Bubble tube 60cm
  • Round tank Jelly Fish Tank
  • Mathmos Space Projector Extra Graphic Wheels: Celebrations
  • Mathmos Space Projector With Oil Wheel Red/Yellow in Silver
  • Please note alternatives may be provided if an item is not available

Additional Information

Additional information


Sensory Mood Ball Light 40cm, 2m Fibre Optic Tails, Bubble tube 60cm

Sensory Premium Set

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