Gymnastics folding mat

The robust surface of the mat consists of a high-quality skin-friendly synthetic leather and is non-slip, washable and saliva-resistant. The lining consists of a high-quality foam with increased density. The use of this foam gives the mat softness and at the same time the necessary protection when falling.

  • High-quality gymnastics mat with a cover made of gymnastics mat material
  • Well suited for children and adults for gymnastics
  • Ideal for risk-free gymnastics in the nursery
  • For a harmonious development of children and adults
  • sSuitable for gymnastics, yoga, gymnastics, judo, wrestling, pilates, aerobics, etc.

Sports mats find their main application in the gymnastics sports, such as gymnastics, floor gymnastics or children’s gymnastics but also in martial arts such as judo or wrestling. Due to their special properties, they serve to make the landing of the athlete as soft and joint-gentle as possible after lifting off the ground in order to prevent injuries. Especially in school and club sports, therefore, the choice of the right and high quality sports mat is absolutely necessary.

Dimensions: 1000mm wide*1000mm wide* 80mm thick

Additional Information

Additional information


1000mm wide*1000mm wide* 80mm thick

  • High-quality gymnastics mat with a cover made of gymnastics mat material

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