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Giant Dark Den

Dark Dens allow children to safely discover their environment. Dark Dens are ideal for early years sensory creative play. Check out our assortment of products to help you find creative ways to promote the everyday atmosphere and transform any environment into a rich sensory area. A welcome addition to any sensory room.

This giant version of the Dark Den is ideal for creating a portable sensory room. Not everyone has the space for a dedicated sensory room, but we all agree it’s an important part of a child’s development to explore the dark. The dark den is designed to provide a safe place or cool down spot for children who become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. It offers a quieter , dark, enclosed space for the child to relax and have time to regulate their sensory system. This versatile giant version of our dark den is able to fit a group of children or accommodate those who need a little more space; it’s ideal as a semi-permanent sensory room, and is large enough to accommodate bubble tubes, fibre optic strands and other items that may not fit into the original Dark Den. Features a thick skin to keep light out, large door panel and a window. Can be used portrait or landscape. Includes: den poles, connectors, cover. Colour:Silver Height:1800 mm Length:1200 mm Width:1200 mm Age Range: Suitable for age 3 years and up

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1200mm Length * 1200mm Width

This giant version of the Dark Den is ideal for creating a portable sensory room.

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