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Exploration Circle Set

Exploration Circle 4 Sand and Water Tray Multi-coloured – 4 quadrant trays and 4 chrome stands which form a sturdy activity circle.

Children can play and discover the properties of sand, water, confetti, wood chippings or whatever medium you decide to place into the handy sized bowls which are of a size which makes them easy to manage, clean, lift, empty and store. Individual tray stands can be separated or snapped together into sets to encourage collaborative group play.

Specification Stand height: 460mm

Circle Diameter : 800mm / Quadrant depth : 150mm

Additional Information

Additional information


Stand Height: 460mm, Circle Diameter : 800mm, Quadrant Depth : 150mm

Children can play and discover the properties of sand and water.

Handy sized trays which are easy to manage, clean, lift and empty.


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