Fibre Optics Hand Held

Hand held fibre optics is used with the on/off button on the end of the torch and the black button in the middle which changes the mode. 

Mode 1 – Colours

  • 12 options – 10 colour option, flash though all colours option, fade through all colours option.

Mode 2Flash individual colour

  • Hold down for 2 seconds on your colour choice to control the flashing speed
  • 2 sec flashes fast another 2 sec slows down another 2 sec back to static colour.

Mode 3Sleep mode

  • Hold for 4 secs for it to go into sleep mode. Click again it will go to previous setting.
  • To go back to the original white light turn off and on.



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Additional Information

Additional information

Portable Fibre Optics 100 strands * 1 meter