Safety Soft Padding

Total Sensory Solutions Ltd can provide soft vinyl padding for all applications : padded rooms, calm (de-escalation ) rooms,  multi sensory environments or at home where padding can provide the ultimate in safety. 
The foam used is of a very high grade and density- so durable it retains it’s shape and depth after continious use. The vinyl is wipe clean and comes in a variety of colour choices – see enclosed swatch. 

JUST COLOUR range of vinyls has a BS5852 Ignition Source 0,1, and 5. BS 7176 MEDIUM HAZARD certification.



There are two types of wall connections we can provide:

Fixed Connection – This type is made for a secure fitting to the wall utilizing  12mm board backing and secured with brackets which are screwed to the board and the wall, the pads are made in such a way that the brackets are hidden from view.
Velcro Connection – This type utilizes a Velcro connection to the wall, and the wall pads are 12mm board backed, with velcro stitched to the wall pad.  

 Standard thickness of panels manufactured can be either 100mm or 50mm 

  • Essentials Indoor/Outdoor Folding Floor Mat

  • Folding Rainbow Mat

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  • Gymnastics Folding Mat


  • Vinyl Swatch