Multi Sensory Rooms

  • Improve focus. Multi-sensory environments can help to enhance concentration, attention, and alertness in children who are typically distracted.
  • Develop or reactivate senses. Multi-sensory environments  can stimulate the basic building blocks needed to process hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste.
  • Encourage Socialization. Multi-sensory environments give your kids a safe and supervised space where they can interact, and communicate with other children.
  • Promote cognitive development. Multi-sensory environments help to improve not only social skills but also the development of thought.  They promote increased brain function and encourage creative thinking that can help your children to improve their performance in school.
  • Improve motor development. Multi-sensory environments promote cognitive development, but they can also help children to improve their physical skills. Children can also learn how to better understand and integrate information regarding touch, balance, and body awareness.
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